Lilies Jan 30, 2010

IMG_0520, originally uploaded by theGardenDeva.

Here are the lilies about 5 weeks later. We are getting a little bit of stretch but since these are for cut flowers this is not a huge concern. This week some fo the stems started to lay down so we had to provide strings and stakes to support.

The Asiatics in the foreground have a good bud count with about 5 buds per stem. We have seen a few aphids but are on top if this with constant monitroing and soap sprays. A spot treatment of soap did seem to be phtotoxic and some marginal leaf burning was observed. Next week we wil be introducing the beneficial insects Aphidioletes into the greenhouse. This is a apraiste that will lay its eggs inside the aphid. The larvae hatch, feed on the aphid and emerge as an adult to continue the cycle. When first parasitized the pahids become very slow and unmoving. Later, the infected aphids swell up and turn brown. Brown aphid ‘mummies’ with a hole in their back end can be observed on the leaves. The predator is great for seeking out aphids under leaves and buds, where sprays can’t always reach.


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