Veriflora Certified and Punchable

IMG_0533, originally uploaded by theGardenDeva.

At the bottom of this box is the VeriFlora symbol indicating these plants were sustainably grown by Tagawa and Welby Greenhouses.

VeriFlora is an agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labeling program recognized as the gold-standard in the floriculture and horticulture industries

This ensures the plants are not covered in pesticide residues that might harm us, our students and greenhouse visitors and the beneficial insects we use

Our greenhouse has been operating sustainable for the past few years without the use of conventional psticides.  We use beneficial insects and occasional applications of insecticidal soap, jorticulture oils and Azadirachtrin (Neem).   Incoming plant material with pesticide residues can kill off beneficials so we have t be careful where we buy plant supplies.

I would like to investigate having our greenhouse become Veriflora certified.  Anyone out there like to tel me soemthign about it?

The symbol on the left ‘punchables’ indicates the plug tray can be used with mechanized planting equipment.  Some of the planting machines have little robot-like arms that pinch the plant at the crown and pull it out.  The arms the swing over to the pot of soil and plant it. Other machines push (punch) the plant out through the bottom of the tray into the pot of soil


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