Hardwood Cuttings

IMG_0592, originally uploaded by theGardenDeva.

Here are some hardwood cuttings form elderberry, one f my favorite fruiting shrubs. Its good to trim old wood from elderberry and thin it out for better flowering/fruiting. The trimmings cna be used in a variety of ways. Longer branches can be saved to use in making a ‘pea teepee’ or a bunch of sticks stuck in the ground for spring pea vines to grow up. The elderberry and red dogwood canes I used last year rooted in place. I dug them up today and planted them along the dege of Springbrook.

This picture shows some of the cuttings about 5-6″ long and about finger width. I’ll take some of the cuttings to our greenhouse to root and others I just stuck some in moist, loose soil in a mulch bed to see what they would do. The trick will be finding them in the tall grass later in the season. The cuttings are stuck so a node is below the soil level. This is the point of leaf attachment and where roots will begin to grow.

I also gathered up the trimmings of a spirea ‘snow princess’ and some oakleaf hydrangea. These I’ll root in the greenhouse


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