Happy Mothers Day!

I wake up most mornings very grateful for my wonderful life, or at least working towards that idea.  Mother’s Day does make me pause to think about motherhood.  I suppose the early organizers of Mother’s Day understood the significance of celebrating this holiday in spring, the season of creation and life. 

All I want to do right now is  plant and weed and be outside in my garden.   It is my obsession that I justify by knowing it’s also my career.  How lucky am Ito be obsessed with my livelihood! 

My lettuce is ready to harvest and I have more than I could eat in a week.  The third cutting of fall planted spinach resulted in six large bags today from this tiny little garden space. I packed up the spinach and lettuce along with some colorful radishes called ‘Easter Egg’ and bunches of cilantro and took it all to church.  I get a lot of satisfaction from showing off my growing skills.  Does this count as the sin of pridefulness if I feed people?  I like to think of all the homes my food is going to, all the special recipes, all the family dinners  nourishing God’s people, body and soul, with healthy organic food.  Hopefully with thoughts of grace sent my way…  I did receive a buttery homemade lemon pound cake, perfectly tender and moist, so very delicious and  prepared, I know, with love from one of my  church friends.     

Maybe that’s the difference, food prepared with love.  A deep, abiding love of Mother Earth and our relationship with her through food.   Our gifts of creating and sharing food the time-honored way mothers ahve always connected – with family, with community, and in a much larger sense with God.  We grow, we cook, we nourish, we love.  It really is as simple as that.  Love in action

I listen to my teenagers talk and bicker as they clean up after dinner.  They hardly talk otherwise. A small time spent each day sharing food and conversation. Little do they know how fast this time will go and soon they will miss  this daily chore and the company of family. I miss them already before they are even gone!   They will eventually go to great lengths and expense to spend a few precious days trying to reconnect and laugh at all those funny family stories.

So of course what do I want to do for Mother’s Day?  Work in the garden!  My husband made me some nice A-frame tomato houses that I will cover with plastic to get a head start on tomato growing.  The houses will build up heat and get the tomatoes to grow faster.  I expect to begin harvesting tomatoes in late June instead of August.  The early market is the one to hit!

My daughter gave me a beautiful card she drew herself with a poem she found in an old book.  A set of classic story and poetry books that were in my house when I was a child .  I am humbled by God’s grace in giving me this loving daughter, my beautiful son, this family, motherhood!  If you know me you know this poem really does fit me!

Portrait By  A Neighbor by Edna St Vincent Millay

She digs in her garden

                   with a shovel and a spoon

She weeds her lazy lettuce

                  by the light of the moon

She walks up the walk

                 like a woman in a dream

She forgets she borrowed butter

                and pays you back in cream

Her lawn looks like a meadow

               and if she mows the place

She leaves the clover standing

                 and the Queen Anne’s lace!



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