More Uglies…Septoria Leaf Spot on Tomato

IMG_1254, originally uploaded by theGardenDeva.

My experiment with preventing Septora leaf spot by applying mulch over the soil surface was too late. The spores of this disease lie dormant in the soil and are splashed onto foliage to infect tissue. I think sheet mulching might work but I put the mulch down too late, and after the fact. I was already seeing signs of infection as I applied the mulch. Sheet mulching is a process for reducing weeds and improving soil which begins with cutting weeds down to ground level and not pulling or removing them. The cut weeds are laid on top of the soil/weed stumps and a layer of compost is applied to activate decomposition, several layers of newspaper are then layered on and it is all and watered in well. A layer of straw and perhaps organic nitrogen fertilizer are applied, followed by a topping of wood chips. The plants are staying well watered but disease pressure is beginning to show with heat and humdity. I’ve begun using all my newspaper and computer paper in the garden as sheet mulch – which is a lot. How I would love to see Gateway Technical College compost all THEIR waste paper!


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