Pennisetum purpureum ‘Vertigo’ – Pearl Millet

pennisetum ‘Vertigo’, originally uploaded by theGardenDeva.

Warm season annual grass from Proven Winners, 36-48″ tall. Deep, purple, almost black color. Will turn brown at first frost but wow what a back drop this would be for other plants. Hardy to zone 8 and not known for any flowers in our season unfortunately



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3 responses to “Pennisetum purpureum ‘Vertigo’ – Pearl Millet

  1. Steve Humphries

    Where can Pearl millet Vertigo be purchased online? I would like to grow this plant in my home landscaping but I can’t locate a nursery or retailer that sells this plant. I have the Fireworks variety but I like the Vertigo. I saw it growing at the Botanical Gardens in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks

    • zone5grower

      Hi Steve – IIts a really new plant so not sure many stores will have it yet. I’ve only seen it in trial gardens and not yet for sale. I was able to order some for my wholesale production greenhouse but could only get 28 plants. We will be using it in our trial gardens this summer and won’t sell it retail. I purchased the plants through my broker Ball Horticultural Company.

      You might contact them and find out who has purchased it in your area.

      It will be a knock out in your hot Texas weather. It’s an incredible plant – huge and dark purple black. A great backdrop for other colorful plants in front.
      Happy gardening!

  2. I saw this plant at the University of Tennessee horticultural show garden, you can bet I will have some as soon as I can find one for sale!

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