Colorflash New Annuals Now

Colorflash   New Annuals Now                                     Kate Field, GTC Horticulture Instructor


Celosia ‘New Look Scarlet Improved’                            Ball Seed

Brilliant scarlet red flame-like flowers maintain shape and color thought summer, weather resistant, drought and heat tolerant.  Grows 2’ x 2’. Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ in background, Portulaca ‘Happy Hour Banana and Fuchsia’ in front


Portulaca ‘Happy Hour Orange’                                      Ball Seed

Fast spreading annual groundcover great for sidewalk edges.  We liked the soft papaya orange color best.  Heat and drought tolerant but not cold tolerant


Begonia ‘Whopper Red with Bronze Leaf’                                  Ball Seed

Extra-large bright red flowers on dark, bronze glossy foliage, 2’ tall and wide, adaptable to wide range of conditions. Drought and sun tolerant, excellent heat and cold tolerance, heavy non-stop blooming spring to late fall. Ipomoea ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’ in background


Impatien ‘ Super Elfin Salmon Splash’                             Ball Seed

Compact and uniform growing plant 12-14” tall with extra-large, early flowers, pale salmon with darker eye that becomes more prominent as flower ages. Combines well with other colors especially lime green and blue colors



Petunia Debonair Dusty Rose                                           Ball Seed

Bicolor petunia in soft shades of rose and cream which change color with environment – darker rose in sun and more cream in shade.  Profuse bloomer in landscape with excellent weatherability.  Great contrast plant



Ageratum ‘Bobuleta’                                                       Plant Peddler (UW River Falls)

Tall ageratum, 2-3’ with excellent blue color, cut flower, containers, attracts butterflies, good weatherability. Also available in white.  May have  new name this year

Hibiscus ‘Mahogany Splendor’                                        Ball Seed

Dark dissected foliage looks like Japanese maple.  Very adaptable to sun or shade, wet or dry soil. 4-5’ tall and wide, more open in shade, dense and shrub-like in sun.  Use as centerpiece in container or accent in landscape or water garden


Coleus ‘Under the Sun’ Fuseables                                               Ball Seed

Coleus ‘Versa Crimson Gold’ and ‘Versa Lime’ seeds fused together in a pellet. 8-12 weeks from seed to finish.  Grows in shade or sun.  Huge, bright coleus 3 x 3’ for shrub-like effect in landscape or large containers


Torenia ‘Kauai Blue’

Intense dark blue flower, shade loving, heat,  drought, humidity tolerant for containers or small settings



Delosperma  ‘Eye Candy’                                                 DeVroomen

Perennial ice plant groundcover grows 2” tall x 12” wide, fast spreading and long blooming from June to October, heat and drought tolerant


Lavender ‘Ellagance Ice                                                   Ball Seed

First year flowering from seed perennial lavender with white flowers, tolerates clay soil to overwinter better than blue. Full, compact plant with long flowering period.

Rose ‘Peach Drift’                                                                Conard Pyle

The next big thing from introducers of Knock out rose.  Low-spreading shrub rose 1-2’ tall, fast growing, hardy, disease resistant, heavy, repeat flowering from spring to fall. Cross between shrub rose and miniature.


Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’            Rose mallow             Walter’s Gardens

Shorter, stronger Hibiscus with stout stems to prevent lodging.  Flowers produced over length of stem, not just at top like older cultivars.  Dark red buds open to glossy, scarlet red, 7-8” flowers blooming from midsummer to fall.  Dark green maple-like leaves with purple overtones. Grows 3-4’ tall x 3-4’ wide


Please visit these suppliers below for more information

Ball Horticultural          


Drift Roses/Conard Pyle          

Plant Peddlar                        

Proven Winners                        



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