Gateway Earth Day 2012


The weather finally cooperated for Earth day this year and we had a great turnout in spite of the fact that the event was divided into three pieces this year.  A successful event makes others want to participate and we are thrilled that the Racine and Elkhorn campuses decided  to host an event on their campuses this year!  It did make for fewer vendors and  information on the Kenosha campus this year  but I think we will bounce back stronger than ever next year.  We also had our horticulture facility remodel in the mix which shut down 2 of our greenhouses.

The theme this year was ‘Pansy on Parade’ featuring everyone’s favorite cool spring flower.  We showcased a lot of the new pansies from our Ball horticulture trial and they were be-a-u-tiful!  Some of the newer colors just glow.  The cool wave is a spreading perennial type so we are all excited to see its performance this season.  I also noticed they have quite large flowers that are very fragrant.

Pansy ‘cool wave violet wing’ from Ball Horticultural


I’m always so amazed and impressed with the creativity shown by our students in creating Earth Day displays and poster boards. This year was no exception. “Recycling Rocks’ created by Sarah Russel was so fun and happy!

Sarah Russell ‘rocks out’ by her display above.

Detail of “Recycling Rock” display with pot made form melted records.

Mike Sanders answered questions about hydroponics and the system he and Bernie Brady built in class.  These students demonstrated a lot of ingenuity in converting an un-used ebb and flow bench into hydroponic lettuceproduction.

Mike ready to answer questions and poster board description made by Mathew Freeman


The vertical planter made from a pallet was a great idea to raffle off but…. didn’t consider how hard it would be for people to get the thing home!. Greg Cunningham and Kristen Peck modified the original design to make it better and it really came out great!  It is free standing or can be hung on a wall and comes with a drip system installed!

Pallet planter filled with lettuce, spinach and other veggies plus edible flower pansies


Our very own ‘Flower fairy’ Jamee Rose made her beautiful costume and enchanted us all but especially the kids!


We gave away a lot of oak trees, sold a lot of plants, talked to a lot of people and best of all welcomed old friends and alumni of Gateway horticulture .

Thanks to all the student volunteers behind the scene that set up the displays on Friday the day before and those that helped with the event April 21.  This is such a great opportunity to showcase our horticulture program,  student creativity and ingenuity, customer service and public speaking skills.





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