Permaculture Certification Training UW River Falls

I’m attending a certification training session for a week at UW River Falls conducted by Midwest Permaculture from Stelle, Illinois.  The training lasts a week and today is the first day.  We are at the St Croix Regional Development Center.  The director of the facility, Dr Kelly Cain, spoke about his work in developing an LEED community and green building systems.  A couple very interesting concepts:  #1.  He is using bricks made out of fly ash( coal waste) which makes them a very sustainable, low carbon building product, especially compared to concrete brick.They are also used as landscape pavers.  I was amazed to find they are produced in Racine so probably from fly ash from Oak Creek power plant.  We need to incorporate these bricks in our new facility landscape.  #2 Dr Cain made an incredible point in identifying the amount of money shipped out of communities as people buy food from long distance.  The ‘average’ person spends $2500 per year on food (which seems small to me)  then a community like Kenosha of about 100,000 is shipping $250 million a year out to purchase food grown elsewhere!  We spend so much time and energy trying to attract job creating industries to our community when all we really need to do is capture our food dollars and keep them circulating in our economy. What other kind of clean, stable  industry could we attract that could contribute this amount?  Casino? Biomedical waste processing? Walmart?  All our problems can be solved with a garden!  The source of food, fuel, fiber, hydrologic cycle, building material, regenerative.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on permaculture


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