The Prettiest Flower in my Garden

amanda w umbrella


The prettiest flower in my garden Amanda Joy Field is blooming!  Graduating from high school May 30, 18th birthday June 1 and off to work as a camp counselor June 2.  I haven’t seen her in a month! She began working at a Methodist church camp ‘up north’ for the summer and I’m so proud of her but so much miss her too.  She doesn’t have cell phone service or much internet connection up there so communication this past month has been slim to none.  She came home for the 4th of July weekend  much to my delight.  We didn’t do much but a little shopping, a trip to the farmer’s market and out to eat at her favorite restaurant, Honada.  My dear, sweet, beautiful girl was back, and mine, for a few short days.  My greatest achievement looking at her and wondering how it’s possible I raised (along with her father) this strong, smart, good woman.  I’m so grateful to be her mother and the world is made better by her  presence in it.  I know I sound like the doting mother, but hey, what else are mothers for but to think their children are the most wonderful things that ever happened? The world will try to convince her otherwise soon enough.  I still have my son Michael at home, but at 16 years old, the needs of a young man for his mother seem slim and relegated to cooking and laundry. I have however shifted all my motherly attention onto this poor boy and plan to really enjoy these last two years of having him home. A new energy seems to have opened with his sister gone and he has been so sweet and loving to me.  Just looking at him makes me happy.   So my task in the next two years is to enjoy my son, help him finish high school at the top, and  begin to recreate myself.  My days of motherhood are waning and I’m wondering who I will be, what  will I do next?  I’m ready for something exciting, something new, something adventurous, something holy.  I pray to recognize the still, small voice of God when he calls my name with the opportunity meant for me.    




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2 responses to “The Prettiest Flower in my Garden

  1. Kim Harry

    Hi Kate….by far this is my very favorite zone 5 grower blog!!! This thing called motherhood takes you on a wild ride of emotions from beginning to end and I felt so many of them in this post. My situation is similar….my youngest just graduated and I too am wondering “what will I do next?” I am going to use your advice and “pray to recognize the still, small voice of God when he calls my name.” I love that. Thanks again for being the wonderful teacher you were and are to all of us GTC hort students….you truly are an inspiration and I learned so much from you!!

    • zone5grower

      Kim – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words and how much this means to me. You inspire me to keep writing even when I think no one is reading it or what I’m saying is too personal. Maybe this is the voice I’m looking for and you are the messenger……

      I would love to see you in classes in the fall. I’m still trying to make changes to floral program to make the focus more on event planning so stay in touch.


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