Summer in a Jar




Good bye Summer!

Its been a  series of long, drawn out good byes this week.  From visiting relatives to the huge full moon,  back to school and dropping my daughter off at college today, summer is just about over.  The cicadas chirp frantically day and night now, and the earth is abuzz with preparations for the long winter ahead.  Everything is flowering or fruiting, sagging under the weight of seeds, thick foliage and late summer heat.

I’m trying to preserve summer as much as possible by canning, drying, pickling and fermenting.  A thick, dense tomato sauce with ‘Heart of the cow’ tomatoes given to me by my brother-in-law, pickled peppers, opal basil vinegar, basil preserved in salt, mint syrup, infused honey.  Herbs are drying all over my house in baskets – mint, lemon verbena, dill, fennel. Mountains of cucumbers and squash on my counter top looking for a good home.

Fresh herbal infusions are such a joy in summer!  We’re so used to drinking dried herbs as teas or infusions that we forget about using them fresh.  Every day I pluck a few springs of mint, lemon verbena, rose petals, basil, rosemary or pineapple sage to add to my water glass.  My very favorite right now is orange juice with opal basil.  Sweet and spicy! I also make herbal sun teas with whatever herbs I have on hand.  The picture above includes Monarda didyma – bee balm.  The herbal sun tea brews for several hours before being stored in the frig for only a day or two.  The resulting tea has a very subtle but delicious taste – sun and flower essence.  This is similar to making a Bach Flower essence. Creating an herbal sun tea with only one herb at a time creates a more powerful alignment with that flower essence for spiritual healing. 

Good by summer!  It’s really been wonderful visiting with you this year. I had such a great time and it really was kind of you to bring along such lovely weather.  I look forward to spinning back around your way in a year or so as we journey along on this beautiful Mother Earth.  Please let winter know we have no hard feelings and will enjoy the peace and reflection he brings



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