It started with a Birdfeeder

bee 2


I hung a birdfeeder and so much enjoyed watching the little brown birds

that I bought better birdseed, which attracted more beautiful and sweetly singing birds

The bird seed spilled over the sides of the feeder which attracted squirrels and then chipmunks and later rabbits and raccoons

I screened off the area under the deck and fixed the hole in the garage wall so my wild friends would not become unwelcome house guests

Suddenly the feeder became very quiet, my beautiful, chatty birds silent

The searching figure of a hawk on the hunt and her shrill call let me know why

I decided to let the weeds and grasses grow, without cutting them back, to provide seeds to supplement the birdfeeder

I planted lots of shrubs and wild plants to provide habitat in hopes of attracting families with babies

The zing of hummingbirds makes me appreciate my flowers even more and gives me a chance to be completely still

Pesticides were also out of the question now

Butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, caterpillers:  pollinators, predators and protein

I woke up one morning to get the newspaper and a large snake stared up at me

We both ran the other way

I leave low dishes of water around the yard for toads

Of course water is always good so I added a bird bath and a small pond

I’ve never seen so many frogs, primordial croaking one of my favorite songs

The birds and animals multiplied and a red fox was seen sitting quietly

The plants grew and became a refuge for animals including deer

which attracted coyote

in January owls hooting in the big old elm outside my bedroom made me very happy

It was the biggest bird I ever saw with a 6′ wingspan gliding over me one winter evening

I began to wonder if my goofy little dog was big enough to be outside alone

The thistle today is 6′ tall and sending seeds a flight. Yellow goldfinch flit from one to the other.  My yard is a mess but so alive

All these weeds embarass me but they delight my wild friends.


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One response to “It started with a Birdfeeder

  1. One day I noticed a hawk sitting on an arbor and everything was still, but it all works together in harmony just I don’t like to see anything hunted-lol….but is has to work together…I totally understand your statement, “my yard is a mess but so alive”….I have to remind myself often…it is for them,too, not just us:-)

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