On the Road Again…..


In the past week at least two people have mentioned this blog and I’ve had to say – ‘oh yeah, my blog……’  One of which, was my friend Ted Ehelen ast WRJN who wanted to mention my blog on our ‘Bud and Bloom’ radio show.  Hmmm maybe not such a good idea since I haven’t posted anything in over a year! My how time flies…..Not sure why I stopped writing and photographing my life and work but it’s time to get back at it.  I have so many amazing experiences working  as a horticulture instructor at Gateway Technical College!  I’m excited to share what I do and learn and see in the infinitely creative world of urban gardening. Tomorrow I travel to West Chicago for the Ball Horticulture Customer Appreciation Day event where I’ll learn about the latest and greatest plants for next season.  It’s decision time in the greenhouse and plants for next year need to be ordered by Sept 1. This visit to Ball will help me select new annuals, perennials and veggies that will work well with our horticulture classes and students, greenhouse peculiarities and semester schedules.

I also had the opportunity to travel to London in May to visit The Royal Botanic Garden Kew. The Chelsea Flower Show and the Chelsea Physic Garden.

So I’m dusting off my keyboard, charging my batteries and preparing to connect once again to the world around me!  I do appreciate hearing from you so please comment!



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3 responses to “On the Road Again…..

  1. Kim H

    I was so happy to see the Zone 5 Grower pop into my email!! It was fun to read about you travels and what you have in the near future. Have a wonderful school year.

    • zone5grower

      Hi Kim – so nice of you to comment with kind words of encouragement! Lots of wonderful adventures behind and ahead so hope to be a bit more consistent with this. Would love to see you back in classes and joining us to London next spring. Thanks! Kate

  2. Hello, and so pleased you’ve returned to the ‘blogging’ road. Those delphiniums are gorgeous.

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