CFGA Field Days Aug 6, 2009

The Wisconsin Commercial Flower Growers Association held a ‘Field Day’ at the U.W. West Madison Ag. Research Station on August 6.   Field trials of annual and perennial flowering plants and vegetable plants could be seen growing under Wisconin environmental conditions.  The weather this year has been unusually cool with little of the heat and humidity that usually occur in Wiscosnin from mid summer to fall.  In addition to the field trials several speakers were present.  Phil Pelliteri, UW entomologist spoke about ‘Insects You Love to Know’  Viburnum Leaf borer, 2-lined plant bug, spittlebug, lacebug, spider, broad and eriophyid mites, potato leafhopper, strawberry root weevil, blister beetle and iris borer were discussed.  Brian Huddleson spoke about various ‘Garden and Greenhouse Diseases’ of importance this year including Damping off, Root and Crown Rots, Southern Blight, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis/Grey mold,  Aster Yellows, Foliar Nematodes, Hosta Virus X, Tobacco Rattle and Herbicide Injury.  Brian or ‘Dr Death’ asked us to pray for a cold winter with minus 30 degree temperatures to kill off all the pathogens that have been moving north in response to warmer winters.  Brian, I for one will pray for the minus thirty temperatures needed to kill the bugs along with a plane ticket south for myself!  

Lunch was kindly provided by BFG Supply and Carlin Sales.  The day could not have been more pleasant, the information more worthwhile or the company more friendly!  I say thank you to all for this wonderful day.  The next meeting of the CFGA will be at Greiling’s in Denmark, WI on Sept 15-16.  This should also be a day not to miss.  BFG is holding an open house Sept 1 in Illinois.  Pictures of my favorite trial plants seen this day and information will be posted soon – so stay tuned!


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